Claire Phipps

Jemili • Image and Text

My father, Lajos Szalay, was a master draftsman, fine arts professor and illustrator; my mother, Julia Hering, was an accomplished portrait painter. As their only child, I can say that my artistic training began before I could even speak.

Of Hungarian descent, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The family relocated to NYC in 1960. Although I was accepted into the High School of Music and Art in 1964, my father opted to continue teaching me himself. Eventually we began experimenting with projecting his drawings onto canvas (inspired by Lichtenstein) and my painting them, but too much distortion and loss of line occurred. In 1968 I attended the University of Fine Arts in Budapest, my parents’ alma mater. Upon returning to the states, I continued my studies at the Art Students League of New York with various teachers (including David A. Leffel) and worked on several projects with my father that would prove to be forerunners of my present undertaking.

In 1987 my father moved back to Hungary and gifted me with hundreds of drawings for future use. Unfortunately he did not live to see the opportunities presented by modern technology that allow his drawings to be scanned and printed on canvas without sacrificing any of the fine details.

Currently a resident of Southern California, I am on the board of the San Diego Museum of Art Artist’s Guild as well as a member of the San Diego Portrait Society.

My work can be found in private collections around the world, including Hungary, Mexico and Argentina. My art also enhances private collections throughout the United States, including New York, Massachusetts, California, Washington, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

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