Evgeny Yorobe

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A San Diego native, Evgeny’s love and deep appreciation for San Diego’s beautiful beaches and weather began at a young age along with this passion for photography.  

He spent much of his childhood accompanying his father on hobbyist excursions. The equipment he observed was a film SLR Minolta and old film Nikon. It was through those experiences Evgeny’s excitement about photography skyrocketed along with his desires to become a master in the field.

While enrolled in UCSD, Evgeny took his first photography class learning the technical and artistic fundamentals of photography.  “Learning on film and developing prints in the darkroom from the beginning laid what I feel is an important groundwork for not over-relying on the easily available crutches of the digital age. It made me respect the medium even more once I did finally move to the digital format.”

It wasn’t until he decided to experiment with a digital Canon T2i Digital SLR camera that he noticed a difference in the quality and direction of his work.  With a love for photography and teaching, Evgeny’s interest in photography grew stronger as he shared his knowledge about the subject with a friend. It was then he made a decision to commit to learning everything about the profession and devote more time to practicing the art. 

With expanded knowledge and skills under his belt, Evgeny upgraded to a pro-level Nikon D800.  His subject matter at the time included weddings, at which time he started to incorporate the amazing weather and beaches of San Diego into his shots. This mixture eventually let him to his newest passion: Landscape Photography.

“It was a natural progression, a mixing of things I loved. I kept most of my landscape photography to myself until I felt I had perfected it. I wanted to knock people's socks off, I wanted them to say "Wow!" every time they looked at one of my pictures. I started to develop and incorporate my own unique shooting and editing style into my pictures. I wanted people to know right away they were looking at an Evgeny Yorobe Photography picture when they saw it.”

Evgeny’s decision to go public has resulted in unbelievable feedback from the public, social media as well as The San Diego Reader, The Weather Channel, Weather Nation, Pacific San Diego Magazine, San Diego Magazine, Coronado Connection Magazine and the Point Loma Life Magazine. His recent and most honorable accomplishments include first place in the Landscape Color Scenic: Winter and First Place in Landscape Color Scenic: Spring at the Del Mar Fair in June of 2014.

“I never expected any of this “success” if you will, especially not this fast, and I am incredibly honored and humbled by all of it. They say you always return to your first love, I know I will always return to my first two. No matter how many places I’ve travelled to across this globe, I’ve always returned to my sweet home San Diego. And no matter how many times life and other interests got in the way, I’ve always found my way back to photography. My photos are the culmination of these two passions, and as a result I’ve started to realize my dream of being able to show the world the beauty of San Diego through my lens.”

Jemili • Image and Text
Jemili • Image and Text