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SMARTSPACE GALLERY Welcomes NEW Artist, Jeff Nadler! 

Jeff Nadler specializes in award-winning fine art wildlife and nature photography, with a special talent for exposing nature's soul through black-&-white and color artistic imagery. With a passion of advocacy for the protection of endangered species, his photographic mission is to encourage activism in support of wildlife conservation by creating an emotional connection for the viewer with Jeff's natural world subjects. 

While observing and photographing wildlife interactions of all types is his greatest pleasure, the African bush holds a special place in Jeff's heart. He's fascinated by Africa for as long as I can remember. As a child he was always drawn to stories and movies about the African jungle, from Tarzan to King Solomon's Mines, from Frank Buck to the Man-eaters of Tsavo.

A career in scuba diving and exploring the world's oceans pushed aside adult thoughts of Africa. Then in 2001 Jeff went on his first safari, almost as an afterthought while in South Africa on business. That experience not only re-awakened his childhood dreams of Africa, it turned that fascination into a passion for its animals.

In addition to his six trips (and counting) to Africa, Jeff's journeys have included photographing wolves in the Yellowstone in the dead of winter, jaguars in the Pantanal region of Brazil, great white sharks off Guadalupe Island in Mexico and orangutans in the jungles of Borneo. Next up is a Fall 2015 expedition to photograph Spirit Bears in British Columbia.


The North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA) honored “Hippo Smile” as one of the top ten photos of the year in the NANPA Showcase 2013 competition. Hippo Smile was featured at the 2013 NANPA Summit in Jacksonville, FL, and will soon be featured in a permanent gallery on NANPA’s website. In announcing its selection in 2013, NANPA noted, "There were over 2,400 images submitted this year, and being selected in the top 10 is an outstanding achievement." “Hippo Smile” was also a finalist and won an Honorable Mention in the National Wildlife Federation’s 2013 National Wildlife Photo Contest. 

In 2014, NANPA recognized two more of Jeff’s photo’s in the year’s top 100 and an additional two in the top 250. 

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Jemili • Image and Text
Jemili • Image and Text