Marc Malin

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SMARTSPACE Gallery welcomes NEW Artist Marc Malin! 
Influenced by the hauntingly beautiful photographic images of the 19th century, Marc enjoys the way imagery from that era transcends black and white, adding a mysterious dimension to the print.  
Marc believes, “we live in an electromagnet universe, and that we are constant interpreters of energy.” The images he captures are interpretations of the experience he had at the time the image was photographed. 
“When I am in nature photographing I am in a meditative mode, I do not walk and photograph excessively rather I simply walk and allow myself to be guided into an experience in which I am photographing.” 
One of the things he loves most about photography is its inherent irony. “With the click of the shutter you can freeze frame a moment in time and as such call it a document. I see these images as “impressionistic documents” for they are more interested in conveying.” 
In terms of the materials, most of Marc’s imagery is photographed with infrared film (and some with digital infrared). “I am drawn to this material, because it picks up heat and light that is beyond our “visible” range. This intrigues me, the fact that this material can record and interpret energy, beyond what I am seeing, never fails to excite and delight my senses.”
Using a unique selective toning technique in his work, Marc likes to create gradations in color and feel. “The effect is to transform the moment captured on film into something else.” It is a process that involves starting with an original photograph that he has captured with a 4X5, 2-1/4 or 35 mm camera. He then uses the selective toning technique to give each photograph unusual gradations in color. Before the toning bath, I "paint" a liquid resist onto areas of the photograph that I don't want toned. The photograph is then immersed into the toner - or a blend of toners - and after it emerges, I peel the rest. If everything goes as planned, I am amazed and delighted with the final transformation of the print.
Marc is currently teaching photography at USD and the Art Institute.
  If you’d like to view more of Marc’s work, please visit: 

Jemili • Image and Text
Jemili • Image and Text