Michael Mims

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  SMARTSPACE GALLERY Welcomes NEW Artist, Michael Mims

Michael dove head first into the world of art one evening in 2013 when he decided to lay some left over paint to a canvas. What began simply as a way to pass the time quickly grew into a passion. With a background in art history, Michael was always drawn toward abstract expressionism. The world renowned Jackson Pollock, who put the no holds barred style in the view of main stream America, is certainly one of the biggest influences on Mims' works. He also pulls inspiration from post-hardcore and alternative music whether it be in your face ferocious rock or romanticized acoustics. When asked why he paints Mims had his answer ready, "There is such a sense of freedom in having the ability to let your guard down in the intimacy of the moment and just allow whatever is being felt or experienced at the time to flow from within and be spilled out in front of you." Click here to view more of Michael's amazing abstract and artistic talents or, stop by the SMARTSPACE GALLERY today!

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Website:   www.m2designssd.com
Jemili • Image and Text
Jemili • Image and Text
Jemili • Image and Text