Sarah Roberson

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  Sarah Roberson is an abstract expressionist artist painting fluid acrylic on canvas. She grew up in California, living near Yosemite and then eventually finished her school years in Riverside County. Growing up surrounded by mountains, oceans, and campfires, it molded her into who she is today and those elements are what inspires her the most. But throughout her life, as growing up in the “real world” sometimes does, she went through challenges, depression, people pleasing and heartache. She lost sight of the things she loved and often struggled with who she was and what her purpose was specifically. Going from corporate job to corporate job she felt unfulfilled. After a painful period of her life she decided she no longer wanted to live by other people’s standards. She wrote screenplays, dabbled in acting, and modeled. She wanted to explore her passions, which led her to photographing sunsets at the beach and taking an art class with her son.

It was then she found her purpose. Exploring different mediums, fluid painting touched her soul. Hand mixed colors, poured onto a plain white canvas in layers and then tilted to get a technique that is much like life…chaotic and beautiful. She has shown her work at coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, local art walks, and art festivals as well as being very active on social media, her Instagram gallery shows detailed photos of her artwork, photography, but more importantly encourages others to follow their dreams and believe in themselves.

Sarah’s goals are to have a long-standing career as an artist and produce works of art for people to have an emotional experience and maybe through her artwork, writing and photography they too can find their purpose. She also hopes to give back to environmental, animal and mental health organizations. Sarah is an artist in many forms and wants to help influence the world in an uplifting creative way.

Phone:  951.241.3580

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