Shelly Mullin

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Relatively new on the scene, we’re excited to welcome avid adventurer, graphic designer and photographer, Shelly Mullin (owner of Shellz Dezign & Photography)! 

Inspired by Yosemite’s incomparable and majestic beauty, Shelly’s photographic journey began during her first trip to Yosemite in 2014. “I remember just standing there with my Nikon in hand looking upwards. I was completely awestruck by the gorgeous 2,400-foot waterfall in front of me, while feeling incredibly humbled by towering mountain ridges in my peripheral.  Whether I’m on the valley floor, in the back country, or enjoying Half Dome’s 8,839 foot ascent, Yosemite continues to offer unparalleled scenic opportunities for me to capture.”    

Primarily an outdoor enthusiast, her favorite subjects include landscapes and nature. Equally passionate about dogs and animals, she also focuses her lens on pet photography and designing custom pet art. “For me, design and photography are unique when merged together. My passion for design allows me the opportunity to communicate and create, bringing ideas to life! The photography aspsect enables me to connect, create and capture adventures to share with others. It’s quite the full circle in terms of expression.”

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Shellz Dezign & Photography!  

Phone:  619.929.1743
Jemili • Image and Text
Jemili • Image and Text
Jemili • Image and Text
Jemili • Image and Text
Jemili • Image and Text